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In high school, Plaxton Emmons hand wrote several novels that he passed around to his peers and even wrote one on commission.

"I wrote all five of the Nicholas Williams stories." - Plaxton Emmons .

The SOS series followed an even-tempered protagonist named Seth Williams and his struggles with his demon-possessed antagonist brother, Nicholas Williams. Throughout the series, Nicholas continually tries to murder seth while killing and raping dozens if not hundreds of innocent men and women along the way. Plaxton wrote five Nicholas Williams stories, the series was titled "The S.O.S. (Son of Satan)" and the following are the books in order of release:

"The Adversary's Son" - Beginning of the legendary Nicholas Williams saga.

"The Awakening of Nicholas Williams" - Nicholas awakens from his four year slumber to seek out his brother Seth for a rematch.

"The Revenge of Nicholas Williams" - Nicholas thaws from being frozen by his brothers Seth and James and travels to Baltimore to find them.

"Nicholas Takes Paris" - Nicholas follows his two nieces and their friends to France for a bloody holiday.

"Nicholas Goes to Hell" - Nicholas returns again for Seth and his family one last time after being presumed dead for seven years.

Plaxton decided to go in two different directions after finally wrapping up "The S.O.S." One of those was a commision from Tim Brewer which ended up being "Little Jew Boy In Poland" which was about a Jewish-Polish boy named Tim during the invasion of Hitler and attack on Pearl Harbor through his perspective. Tim paid Plaxton $10 which he earned mowing laws for Plaxton to write a book he commissioned with a list of things that had to be included for Plaxton to get paid. Tim's list included the inclusion of the X-Men in the text (Plaxton famously was unfamiliar with the X-Men and made Wolverine fly), a defined number of curse words, detailed frontal nudity (Tim's character masturbates graphically several times in the book) and the word "jizz", which is Plaxton's least favorite word. Tim later felt a degree of guilt over the last demand.

The last book he wrote during this period was "The Nightmare Over Raven's Stone", a book about a goblin that terrorized children in their dreams. It drew unfair criticism when readers hastily compared it to Stephen King's "It". These were merely the salad days of an eager artist starving for his craft, passion flowing like the words from his pen to paper.