Plaxton has stated several times on Facebook that he considers the entire sect of Jehova's Witnesses to be a cult and "retarded".  His main gripe with them seems to be their manner of door-to-door evangelizing, which Plaxton considers to be an invasion of privacy. 
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 Plaxton's biggest personal enemy is Preston Guilliot. It's rare that Preston can comment anything on Plaxton's Facebook page without receiving immediate denunciation and insults.  

 In 2016, in an online "roast" battle, Plaxton wrote an untitled poem (unusual for his style) about how much he hates Preston (pictured). The poem was promptly deleted by Plaxton but copied and pasted into another thread by a savvy fan just in time. It's worth nothing that when asked, Plaxton vehemently claims that he does not hate Preston and thinks he is a "great guy" (pictured), however his behavior towards him has never really indicated this.  

 Also, in 2016, at a friendship dinner at Applebee's in Picayune, Plaxton signed both Preston's copy of "On the Hills of Insanity" and his copy of "Ghoulish Games and Other Eerie Tales" complete with personalize, inspirational messages written inside of the cover. Minutes later, he begged someone to take him to Scuttlebutt's strip club in Slidell, Louisiana for $20 in gas money. 

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