As a writer at writing, Plaxton has published two books, making him a twice-published author. HIs first book, "Ghoulish Games and other Eerie Tales", published in 2010, is a collection of poetry, short stories and vignettes about the supernatural, mainly centered around people visiting graveyards and haunted homes. His second book, "On the Hills of Insanity", published in 2012, was heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "On the Mountain's of Madeness", although Plaxton will claim that any similarities are merely coincidence. It's important to note that Plaxton has stated on more than one occasion that H.P. Lovecraft is his favorite author (often inter-changed with Edgar Allan Poe). "On the Hills of Insanity" is another collection of short stories, vignettes and poetry described by the author himself as "very scary". "On the Hills of Insanity" features a 3 - page foreword by Tim Brewer, who Plaxton has called his best friend on several occasions. Both books are available on Amazon. 
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