Through various Facebook posts, one could easily come to the conclusion that Plaxton is currently straight; however at some point in the past considered himself gay or bisexual. He is known to friend many Facebook bots with pictures of women with large breasts and advertising their need for a man with a big penis to pleasure them and send them money (pictured).  

Several years ago Plaxton made a Facebook post denouncing his homosexuality and claiming that he is redeemed (per his part-time Christian faith) and apologizing for past homosexual behavior. This was a surprise to many and caused much confusion. In a telephone conversation circa 2015, Plaxton claimed that he had committed several homosexual acts in the past and is, at times, attracted to men as equally as he is to women. In 2017 Plaxton further confused matters when he confirmed that, though he has a preference for women "sexually", he sometimes "likes" men.

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An example of Plaxton staunchly denying any  sort of homosexual tendencies.

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Plaxton's renounciation of his former, sinful ways.

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One of Plaxton's many "friends".

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A shocking recent admittance.